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May all your moments be delicious!


Gourmet Jellies and Jams handcrafted from the finest organic ingredients is what you get every time you purchase from The Jelly Queens. It’s the attention to detail that garnered The Jelly Queens Blood Orange Lavender Marmalade the distinction of being name a 2014 Good Food Award Winner, a World Marmalade Winner, a Best in Texas and the Banana Nut Bread Jam, a Best In Texas and the Onion Fig a World Jampionship Winner. Along with the Best commercial Label Award!

Whether you choose the 4 Berry Jam, Peach Pepper Jam, Banana Nut Bread Jam, Pumpkin Butter or any of the delicious jams & jellies from our kitchen, you will taste the difference “handmade in small batches” makes.

From handpicked (and many times grown in our very own gardens) herbs and locally sourced fruit, our artisan jellies and jams are not just a product, but a passion.

Lemons are zested and squeezed by hand, fruit cleaned and cut, bananas inspected and chopped for every batch. As the ingredients make their way to the stove, they are stirred and meticulously watched over until the colors and smells offer jelly and jam perfection.

The attention to detail doesn’t stop there as the jelly is hand poured into jars that have been heated to just the perfect temperature after being cleaned and dried. Once the jellies are cooled, they are wiped again and labeled, then carefully put into boxes ready to be delivered to you.

Before shipping, 2 more sets of eyes check each box to make sure that labels are correct and that the right number of jars are in each box. Only then are Jelly Queens Gourmet Jellies and Jams ready for your table.

The Jelly Queens Kitchen commercially manufactures internationally award winning jellies, jams, sauces, spices, crackers and scones. If you don’t see what you want here on the site, take a little trip down to the Old Chisholm Trail and come visit the Jelly Queens Urban Farm, an eclectic collection of people, places, food, fun, gifts and goodies that everyone loves.


Gourmet Jams and Jellies - Good Food Award Winners - The Jelly Queens.